New little patient became my friend.

There was a new little patient that made my day.  She was a rescue dog of multiple lineages.  So afraid. So very afraid.  She was hiding and shaking as I entered the home.  That broke my heart.  I began talking with Mom about who she was, where she was from, filling out the paperwork that needed to be done.  While Mom and I were doing that, the little girl and her house mates came over and sniffed my doctor bag, my purse, my coat and me.  I was so careful to let her sniff without any overt response.  Mom was worried that the dog would be unhandle-able, just because of the fear.

When it was finally time to perform my doctor tasks with her, the first thing I did was give her a hug and she wagged back.  I showed her every piece of every item I was going to use.  Part of the doctor tasks were performed while she was receiving another hug.  Then, I scratched her ears and told her what a cutie she was and I went back to sit with Mom.  She did not know anything had happened.  While I sat with Mom, she came over and told me I could scratch her ears again if I wanted to.  My tasks were complete and my new friend came to me when I asked her to come.  I gave her a big hug and left.

I hope she’ll remember the hug and the fear will begin to fade.  I hope.

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