Veterinary Medicine in NC

There are any number of things that just happen in NC.  We live in a warm and moist environment, just perfect for microbes, insects, infections in your poor animal.  So, there are many things to keep an eye out for.

Ticks!! Yes, they like your dog and cat just fine.  But, they really like your horse.  The pastures are established enough now to have a horse on them and that is usually the beginning of TICK WATCH. Just as you need to go over your dog after a long walk, you need to go over your horse.  For some reason, ticks on a horse cause a remarkably large reaction.  You will find them on your horse’s armpits, on the underside of the hind legs up pretty high, on the udder of your mare, on the ears.  So, take a little time and check for ticks as part of routine daily grooming.  Your horse will thank you.

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